Trade fairs

You will see us in 2017 at different (international) trade fairs. From the Netherlands to Qatar, for the coming months we have several trade fairs on the program where you can get to know our different outdoor products for 2018. You have the chance to get a closer look at our main brands RedFire, Sunred, Cooled, BBGrill and Bakerstone. Since a few years OutTrade settles at the main garden trade shows to get in contact (or stay in contact) with our customers.

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Trade fairs 2018
JDC Marseille (FRA)
10, 11 and 12 April 2017
In the south of France, in the beautiful city of Marseille, you will find every year the trade show Les Journées des Collections Jardin. Each year it is the first main international garden trade show in Europe. In 2018 it will be time for OutTrade to already give a sneak peek for the collection of 2019. Still far away, but we are already working on it every day.