RedFire Handmade

RedFire Handmade

Authentic and handmade. Our Egyptian fire chimeneas being produced in the traditional way. With the craftsmanship that has been followed up by every generation and has been barely changed in 2000 years.

All of our RedFire handmade products show an clear and authentic handmade tradition, where every product shows you the features of the quality from a craft man.

You will find various high quality and handmade products, for example the Odin and the Thor, which gives you a good impression of what RedFire handmade is all about and they are even available in a rusty or black design.

And what do you think of the handmade RedFire candles? Which will give your garden a bit of extra atmosphere.

You want to know more about RedFire handmade? Please take a look at our catalogue to see that everything is possible.