Read more about OutTrade as a fast growing company in the outdoor world. Since 2004 we have grown and extended our collection every year since then. Discover everything about our four main brands: SunRed, RedFire, BBGrill and SUMM.

With our SunRed heaters, RedFire firepits and patio fireplaces, we have been heating and enhancing both modern and classic gardens and terraces for many years. We strive to extend the outdoor living space and with a wide range of products available, we aim to keep you warm in the garden, long into the evening. Our BBGrill brand enhances the enjoyment of cooking outdoors, offering a stunning range of barbecue and pizza cooking products.

Spotting trends

In a competitive market OutTrade prides itself on product development and spotting trends, but more importantly creating new ones. It is for our development team important to know our customers and stay in direct contact with them in order to truly understand what they desire and are therefore able to make the right product developing decisions. We understand the importance of trending innovation and know it’s necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing environment and technology which is fun and exciting!

We have the inspiring retro line of SunRed outdoor heaters, the modern fire bowls with laser cut designs, or the trendy stools within our KEK range, creating new and distinctive products every single day, it’s what we do!

What can you expect from OutTrade?

  • A reliable business partner who can offer full certification for its products and service.
  • We offer a quality range of products which can be designed to your requirement, we can even design ‘Own Label’ products if that is what you require.
  • To pay a fair price for our products.
  • Marketing support from our team.
  • Corporate, social responsibility. OutTrade is an active member of a number of different environmental organizations, therefore sustainability, ecological, and social responsibility are very much part of our philosophy.