Modern, trendy, effective heat and ambiance are the keywords for our SunRed brand. With many years of experience, and an accumulation of beautiful designs, OutTrade has grown to become one of the defining players in the field of infrared outdoor heaters. The SunRed brand offers a wide range, expanding from entry-level quartz models, right through to the luxury Royal Diamond collection, which boast the most efficient heating technology on the market.

Remarkable design models

If you browse through the SunRed Collection, you will find a wide array of designs and sizes, and you can be sure to find a model that suits your space, which will create that warm, homely ambience for your garden, patio, or terrace. The range contains free standing, hanging, and wall fitted models, which can be found in different finishes to match your taste, a cool matt black, stainless steel, or even trendy copper are all available.

Different heating possibilities

Our SunRed collection offers many different price points, and our heaters vary dependent upon where they will be used. Most people are confused when searching for an outdoor heater, therefore we make sure that we offer important information to our retail buyers and the end customers when it comes to our different kind of heaters. Here is an example of such information:

Heater elements

Quartz-element: Produces long heat waves that heats the area around it. Wind has an influence on this heat, so this kind of heater can best be compared with central heating in our home.
Black heat: Produces long heat waves that heats the area around it. Wind has an influence on this heat, so the heater can also best be compared with central heating in our home. The difference between black heat and Quartz, is this element does not give off light.
Carbon Fibre: Produces medium length heat waves, meaning it heats the surroundings as well as objects nearby, as with the human body.
Halogen: Creates short heat waves, and the wind has no influence on the heat dissipation. This element therefore only heats things that are positioned directly in front of the heater.
Golden Tube: Produces short heat waves, and the wind does not affect the heat dissipation. A layer of gold leaf provides extra reflection and thus creates a more intense feeling of warmth compared to the Halogen element.
Royal Diamond: The most luxurious element in the collection, consisting of a layer of rose gold leaf providing even more reflection than the golden tube version, whilst producing a non-disturbing light output.
Gas Heaters: Our range of gas heaters are very different to our element heaters, as gas gives an intense heat to its surroundings, and creates attractive and atmospheric flames.