Barbecues for Life

SUMM has an extensive line of  barbecues and pizza ovens where  quality  and functionality are central. SUMM stands for quality and diversity. We have many hybrid models in our range for people who want the best of both worlds. Combine your easy-to-operate gas barbecue with the authentic smoky taste of a charcoal barbecue. You can also opt for a combi pizza BBQ with all conveniences and ideal for your garden party for larger groups.

You will find a wide choice of high-quality models in SUMM’s range in charcoal, gas barbecues and compact electric E-grills and various useful accessories. There is also a wide choice of pizza grills. Selecting the right BBQ grill for your stylish outdoor kitchen is about more than just preparing good food. It’s about the lifestyle you desire and a reflection of your taste.




Think of the complete outdoor kitchen the Grand Canyon or the Supreme. An outdoor kitchen that combines a gas and charcoal barbecue and even has a smoker.   You can  easily grill steaks perfectly, cook chicken or roasts, or use  the grill  as an oven, using indirect heat to cook fish or delicious grilled vegetables. SUMM  offers an ideal grilling method for every garden party.

But also, for example, the MAGNUS is a beautiful “Hybrid” barbecue for the real enthusiast, from the  brand SUMM. This beautiful barbecue with a two-burner gas grill, charcoal section and side burner, is fully equipped with many extras for optimal cooking convenience and comfort. For example, there are two handy side worktops and ample cupboard space, in which all necessities and  the gas bottle can be stored.





Using the Summ Radiant electric grills is an efficient, healthy and safe way to prepare your food. An even cooking is achieved, unlike a charcoal grill which sometimes grills food too dark on the outside, but leaves it raw on the inside. The infrared grill heats up quickly and is immediately ready for use. Ideal for people with an apartment who cannot use gas or charcoal on the balcony. No more worries about the neighbors with barbecuing, plug and play with this powerful and safe way of grilling on your balcony.

There is no arguing about taste. With SUMM you have the possibility to choose between gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues, pellet barbecues, smokers and combined barbecues. This way, every customer finds his beloved taste.