RedFire Firepits

Discover on this page what our firepit brand RedFire can bring you. Are you looking for a sleek and modern design for in your garden or on your terrace. Or are you a bigger fan of the colorful Mexican chimineas? Garden fireplaces, fire pit and chimineas; your choice!

When the sun goes down and things get a little chilly, it is the perfect time to light your RedFire chimenea, firepit, or firebasket, and extend your evening to that soothing sound of a crackling fire. Whatever your outdoor situation, RedFire will have something that suits, from a large clay or metal chimenea, to a small, cute firepit, ensuring you have something that can extend your Summer evening. We even have models that incorporate a cooking grill, so you can pack the BBQ away and cook steak, burgers or sausages on one of many RedFire products. Our Salo, Kemi and Nivale, firepits, now regarded as some of our bestsellers, cleverly combine elements from both our BBGrill and RedFire brands. A BBGrill tripod standing above one of many RedFire firepits can convert into a unique barbecue, combining heat and cooking perfectly.

Become a complete provider

OutTrade began life back in 2004 importing clay fireplaces, and this was to become the base for the development of the RedFire brand. The development has continued over the years, and today we are importing for markets right across Europe, and indeed the World. Today customers can also experience products made from extraordinary high quality steel, though we do provide for a wide spectrum of needs, meaning the thickness of steel used differs by model.

Mass of product knowledge

Our luxury chimeneas and firepits are characterised by the thicker steel, offering longer lasting, more robust models. Through years of experience, OutTrade now possesses a mass of product knowledge, which allows us to perfectly assess the possibilities in the marketplace, and develop exactly what is needed for our individual customers.