New from SunRed: Stylish ARTIX with Olefin

Apart from the obvious benefit of enjoying the pleasant warmth, today’s consumers attach more and more value to the design and look of their terrace heaters, and with this in mind you will see the perfect combination of warmth and style in the new ARTIX line from SunRed. With a uniquely styled lampshade, it looks and feels like you are bringing your interior outdoors, creating a cozy, warm setting in your garden or on your terrace.

After the successful launch of the black and white ARTIX lines at Spoga 2015, OutTrade went on to develop the ARTIX model further with the introduction of Olefin in 2018. Olefin is a material made of synthetic polypropylene, which is both heat resistant and extremely durable for outdoor use. Pick the soft blue, brown and grey colours and give your garden that extra style, though if you want a different colour this is also possible!

One of the huge benefits of the NEW Olefin shade, is they maintain their original appearance giving your terrace heater longevity. The shade fibre offers a pleasant softness with a durable cap, and you don’t have to fear fading because the fibre is resistant to sunlight. Given all of these benefits you can see why Olefin can be used in multiple outdoor products like garden furniture, outdoor cushions, and car interiors, and now on the NEW ARTIX product.

  • NEW ARTIX Olefin available in trendy colours
  • Colours remain bright due to UV resistance
  • Get your indoor look outdoors
  • Olefin is durable
  • Mold and stain resistant
  • Extremely strong fiber
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