Industrial or retro? At least always warm!

Wonderful, those summer days! But what if the sun disappears in the evening and the temperature drops? Many people now know that you can purchase a terrace heater that makes sure that you can stay outside for a little longer. Very nice of course, because in that way you can enjoy the outside world the whole day. But which terrace heater do you choose and which design do you like?


Over the years the range has been broadened and various infrared techniques have been added to the market. Our SunRed brand also shows these different techniques; Royal Diamond (most powerful technique with a layer of rosegold gold, which also creates a soft glow), Golden Tube, Halogen, Carbon Fiber, Black heat, Quartz and of course the practical gas heaters. In terms of technology you’ve got plenty of choice, but also on the design side we have not been idle. From classical, modern to industrial for every garden, SunRed always offers a suitable solution.


You will now find the INDUS and the RETRO line within our collection of outdoor infrared heaters. Patio heaters that are not only functional, but also add a piece of design to your garden or terrace when they are not switched on. With a matte black finish or a modern white color, the heater instantly stands out and contributes to the styling of your terrace or patio. And we’ve thought of everything, because the hanging heaters are supplied with matching chains to hang them in height in the most suitable way in your veranda or garden. Are you curious what to expect? View the catalogue or the added photos in the gallery to get inspiration.

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