Are you looking for a cheerful ambience in your garden?

The better weather is coming and many people want to enjoy it as long as possible. You can do this on a terrace outside of a café, or just comfortably in your own garden. And when you spend a lot of time in your garden, you obviously want your garden to look nice. Not only in the evening, but also during the day when the sun is shining.

Make your terrace a bit more fun!

The fun Mexican patio fireplaces from RedFire will cheer up your garden even during the day and do not even have to be lit! The cheerful colours and festive patterns will only make your garden even more fun. It is not for nothing that we have named the RedFire outdoor fireplaces after Mexican cities and states. Which one do you prefer? The Tampico, the Colima, the Cancun, the Lima, the Salamanca, the Soledad or the Acopulco?

The flames make it even more exotic

When the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, it is often the case in the Netherlands that the temperature drops rapidly. Then it is time to light these fireplaces. Through the porous material you experience the heat distribution from all sides together with your friends and family. But you still get the best view when you can clearly see the flames and the night is truly getting cosy.

Lima with grill

When a simple fire just isn’t enough for you, you can make your evening even more fun with, for example, the RedFire Lima with grill. This patio fireplace consists of two parts, making it very easy to turn it into a barbecue with the stainless steel grill. And after that there are only a few things you need to make your exotic Mexican evening complete. Some cold Desperados, Coronas and real Mexican Tortillas.

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