Our services

Marketing Support

To support our valued customers in their sales and marketing, we have developed full colour packaging and offer a large database of lifestyle atmosphere pictures. We also offer the possibility to buy our products in your own full colour private label packaging.

To optimize selling space in our customer shops, we offer shelf plans which support our product range and help boost our customer’s sales.

All our products are presented in our showroom. Customers can visit and have a meeting in our SunRed lounge room or BBGrill meeting room where all products are on display. Our SunRed lounge room has an actual built-in patio that brings the right atmosphere for our heaters.


Our products are available from our warehouse in The Netherlands or can be directly shipped per container from our factory. We fully optimize the container loads with the various products you order. In this way we reduce transport costs and enable you to offer our products at excellent pricing.

After sales service

All our products have a 2 year guarantee. If a product fails to perform or you have a complaint our service desk is right at your service. You can send mails to our service@outtrade.eu or ring our office. Depending on the problem, products can be collected and repaired, credited or replaced with a new product. All complaints are listed and can therefore be used for future product improvement.